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Leçon 1 : Les salutations

Here’s what we will cover in this lesson :

1.What do you mean by introduction?
– in informal/personal context (in English)?
– formal/professional context (in English)?

2. Se présenter (Introducing oneself in French)
  – Informal/Personal context
– Formal/Professional context

3. Asking about someone’s well-being in French
– Informal/ Personal context
– Formal/Professional context

4. Salutations in French
– Personal context
– Formal/Professional context

5. Les salutations (Greetings in French)

6. Les formes de politesse (Polite forms in French)

7. Interactive exercises

Posts under this lesson.
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2. Leçon 1_Part 2 : Greetings and Polite forms in French

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