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This is the second part of Leçon 2 of series : Apprenons le Français 1.

Here’s what you’ll find in this lesson :
1. Common FAQs on accents : definition and where do we use them.
2. Different accents of French with examples.
3. Importance of these accents
4. Tips to learn their names + Resources to further learn these accents.
5. How to read them in a sentence!
6. Lastly, some fun interactive exercises (audio/video/dictation) to self-assess

Regardez la vidéo pour pratiquer la prononciation and apprendre cette leçon en entier :
(Watch the video to practice the pronounciation and learn the complete lesson.)


Tips/Resources to practice French accents:

  1. Watch the Baby Shark Song on: les accents français
  2. Additionally, read this informative article “How To Use The 5 French Accent Marks For Sophisticated Communication”
  3. An interesting article to learn more about accents:

Exercises :
1.Exercise 1  (audio) :
2.Exercise 2 (choose the word with different accents):
3. Exercise 3 (dictation) :
The dictation here is somewhat challenging as it says 6 letters at a time, but I am sure you’d be able to do it after all the hard work required.


Author: chitvanbindal

Passionnée de la langue française et professeur FLE, Chitvan aime écrire sur les sujets de l'actualité avec une approche analytique-concise. Suivre son blog

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