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Greetings and Polite Forms in French

This is the second part of Leçon 1 of series : Apprenons le Français 1.
Here is the first part of Leçon 1 :
Part 1 : Introducing yourself and asking well-being (in French)

Here’s what you’ll find in this lesson :

  1. Les salutations (Greetings in French)
  2. Les formes de politesse (Polite forms in French)
  3. Interactive exercises

NOTE : Even though the content is based on CBSE curriculum, the lesson would be useful for all and any type of French language learners. 

NOTE : As it was not possible to copy and paste 50 interactive slides, here is a list of greetings/expressions covered in this lesson. To learn the prononciations and understand the contextual usage of them, please watch the video provided at the end.

Exercises to practice the lesson learnt :


  3. My favourite exercise is the following one because it challenges your listening skills and vocabulary:
    Word to be selected from the drop-down list is in English but the audio is in French.

Regardez la vidéo pour pratiquer la prononciation and apprendre cette leçon en entier :
(Watch the video to practice the prononciation and learn the complete lesson)


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Passionnée de la langue française et professeur FLE, Chitvan aime écrire sur les sujets de l'actualité avec une approche analytique-concise. Suivre son blog

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