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Perfecting your French : the journey


Hello to All!!

After the huge success of my blog, I am delighted to share my journey of perfecting the Gallic language and to promote its advanced learning at levels C1-C2.

Many learners stop pursuing their advanced level diploma certifications after reaching the intermediate level and from time to time seek motivation to continue language advancement. That was the case with me. However, by remaining motivated, I not only succeeded in the final exams of DALF C1-C2 in the very first attempt but also launched my blog for advanced learners.

With the aim of promoting high-level French language learning, I am launching a series of articles entitled “Perfecting your French : the journey”. I promise you that this series will push you to target the moon and reach your goal because you would be able to relate my experiences to yours, and if there is a different case with you, I would like to know your journey, your challenges, your source of motivation…

This series will include several articles that will be unveiled as we go along. For this week, I invite you to explore the first article:
1. What are the benefits of doing DALF C1-C2?
2. The challenges while preparing for DALF C1-C2

Also, don’t forget to read the news articles on the blog, explore the choice of “Five best DALF C1 – C2 preparatory books/manuals” along with their respective benefits, feedback, and a comparison chart, and to promote/share my ideas (if you like them) with your social circle, and sign up for our blog

** This series and its articles have originally been written in French. For the ease of our readers, we are writing the same content in English. 

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What is the purpose of doing C1-C2?
The challenges while preparing for DALF C1-C2


Author: chitvanbindal

Passionnée de la langue française et professeur FLE, Chitvan aime écrire sur les sujets de l'actualité avec une approche analytique-concise. Suivre son blog

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